Kitchen Specialists

We are the residential kitchen specialists and the kitchens and service we offer is unsurpassable in terms of excellence. Our team of tradesmen are committed, highly qualified and very skilled and any residential kitchen service is always completed to the highest possible standard.

We understand that in cash strapped times making the decision to refurbish an existing kitchen or rebuild one entirely can be a difficult one to make. Once made, clients would expect only the best possible workmanship and service for their money. We are proud to say that we offer both. We have a list of testimonials from our clients that beguile the imagination. We offer an honest approach to any work that we carry out and this, coupled with our first-rate residential kitchens, makes us the first port of call for anyone wanting to take that step to making their kitchen more serviceable.

Our residential kitchens encompass variations of design themes and layout options and our clients often feedback that they were extremely happy to have such a large list of options to choose from. We understand that residential kitchens are personal spaces and we strive to do what we can to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied after the final light bulb is installed.

We have designed many residential kitchens for clients and the feedback we receive often make mention of our specialist understanding of how to make the most of storage space and accessibility.

We are the residential kitchen London based specialists and it is with this in mind that we offer the first rate service that we do. Everything that we do to make a residential kitchen perfect, from our careful selection of colour to our use of materials, is done with our clients’ needs in mind.

All of our tradesmen are fully vetted before they undertake any residential kitchen work and our clients can be rest assured that whatever style they decide to go for in their kitchen, be it Bauhaus or standard design, it will be the very best.

We have the skills and the knowledge necessary to design and build the perfect residential kitchen. Our kitchens are perfect in terms of the space they allow to go about everyday tasks comfortably. Our kitchens start the day off well with stunning state of the art breakfast nooks and they continue to function all day as a space that is more than just for cooking. We understand that a kitchen needs to have a personality. It needs a personal touch.

With our residential kitchen specialists skills, qualifications and experience together with our enviable client list speaks for itself. For a personalised residential kitchen experience, give us a call today.

Kitchen Planning Permission

Consumer tip: It pays to consider possible planning permission when you’re thinking about the layout of your new kitchen. For example, moving the gas supply from its current location for design reasons could end up delaying the completion of your kitchen if planning permission is then required.

Kitchen Building Regulations

Work to refit a kitchen or bathroom with new units and fittings does not generally require building regulations approval, although drainage or electrical works that form part of the refit may require approval under the building regulations.

If a bathroom or kitchen is to be provided in a room where there wasn’t one before, building regulations approval is likely to be required to ensure that the room will have adequate ventilation and drainage, and meet requirements in respect of structural stability, electrical and fire safety.

Greener Homes

Pay attention to the appliances and fittings. Look for A-rated (energy efficient) kitchen appliances. Also look for aerated taps, which reduce water use.

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